ZONES "No Time"

ZONES 'No Time'
As previously reported, Toronto's ZONES — the hypnagogic pop duo of Derek McKeon and Kat Murie — are releasing their sophomore album, After Image, at the beginning of April through Pleasence Records. In anticipation of its release, the band have just dropped a track from the album, "No Time."

Fulfilling the poetic flight of fancy as read in its PR blurb, "No Time" sounds like a tuneful tropical psych-pop track, à la Mac Demarco, that was pressed to tape, then left in the blistering sun for an afternoon. As such, its detectable pop flavour is made to feel warped and woozy, a feeling underscored by its cheap drum machine, incoherent vocal moans and loosey-goosey guitar noodling. It's enough to make you feel sun-drunk on the cloudiest of days.

You can pick up After Image digitally or on vinyl on April 1, or let "No Time" convince you to do so below.