Yukon Blonde Detail New Album 'Vindicator'

Watch a lyric video for the record's "You Were Mine"
Yukon Blonde Detail New Album 'Vindicator'
Yukon Blonde have revealed that recent singles "Get Precious" and "In Love Again" will appear on a new album. The band will unleash their fifth studio LP Vindicator on November 13 through Dine Alone Records.

Vindicator marks the first album from Yukon Blonde written, recorded and produced entirely by the band. The 11-song set was conceived in the band's East Vancouver jam space, a cabin on Galiano Island, in a closet at bassist James Younger's home, and in the kitchen of vocalist/guitarist Jeffrey Innes.

The album's title is a nod to how the five-piece felt upon its completion. "It's a very rewarding feeling taking control of yourself and your creative ambition," Younger explained in a statement. "It's something that you can ride high on because expectations were met and fulfilled and that's a joyous thing."

New song "You Were Mine" is the latest to arrive from the record, and you can follow a lyric video for it below. As Innes recalls, the song was completed by the band during their time on Galiano Island.

"James brought the initial idea to the table, and after several hours of jamming, eating Scooby-snacks and drinking Churchill martinis, it started to fall apart in the most perfect way imaginable," he stated. "I feel like this song somehow epitomizes the spirit of a successful collaboration in our band. Words like 'compromise' had no place in that session; everyone sings leads at some point, everyone plays everything. It's certainly among our favourites from the record."

Vindicator follows Yukon Blonde's 2018 album Critical Hit. Earlier this year, the band's Brandon Wolfe Scott shared solo EP Burden on Your Shoulders.


1. It's What You Are
2. Fickle Feelings
4. You Were Mine
5. Play Along
6. In Love Again
7. Good Times
8. Fuck It
9. Your Heart's My Home
10. Get Precious
11. Big Black Cloud

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