Watch Smoulder's Fantastical Video for Re-Recorded "The Sword Woman"

Watch Smoulder's Fantastical Video for Re-Recorded 'The Sword Woman'
Epic doomsters Smoulder are set to release first LP Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring on April 26 via Cruz Del Sur Music, just under a year from the time we premiered the first taste of debut demo The Sword Woman via its title track. Now, we've got the first look at a music video for the song's re-recording.

Yes, life comes full circle, much like heavy metal; this more traditional take on the genre is once again riding to the top — probably on a dragon or horse. Hell, the proof comes via Smoulder's sales history (they burned through multiple pressings of the demo) and is quite literally illustrated via the covers of their two releases. The visuals went from muted or monochromatic to a full colour painting as epic as their music, and from a solo figure to one riding a majestic steed. The recording went through similarly affirming injections of life, bringing what we called "grand musical expressions" to an even grander level.

Vocalist Sarah Ann explains the new treatment — both audio and visual — for the first song the band ever wrote:

It kicked off this entire rollercoaster. We re-recorded the song for the album, as we wanted to make it more doom laden and more epic - fans will likely notice we've slowed it down and made the entire thing more theatrical. Thus, it was ultra fitting when a friend surprised us with a recut of one of our favourite sword and sorcery flicks to go along with the song. We encourage everyone to seek out Hundra — it's a killer movie and the story of bloody revenge is a fitting accompaniment for the track.

You can watch the video below and pre-order Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring on vinyl, cassette and CD here.