TR/ST The Destroyer - 2

TR/ST The Destroyer - 2
The Destroyer - 2 does not fall short of TR/ST's predecessor The Destroyer - 1. Complete with melancholic classic synth-pop and sluggish vocals, Robert Alfons has set the bar high in his repertoire.
In collaboration with previous co-producer and co-writer, Maya Postepski (of Austra), together they have created a dreamy synth-heavy powerhouse of an album.
At its core, The Destroyer series resides in Alfons' burden of shame, guilt and his own personal development as a person and artist. The jaded mood on tracks like "cor," "Shame" and "Slow Burn" are highlights of the record. Alfrons' style is more lethargic than anything, but it has its charm to it. The pulsing synthesizers all around the record makes a lot of tracks like "Iris" still dance-worthy, something that is true to Alfrons' style and reminiscent of tracks on The Destroyer - 1.
What makes The Destroyer - 2 endlessly playable is Alfrons' honesty and rawness. Being more comfortable and transparent as an artists shines through his dark, eerie side that he is ready to expose. (Royal Mountain Records)