Toronto's Manifesto Fest Lines Up Onyx for "Legends of Hip Hop" Concert Series

Toronto's Manifesto Fest Lines Up Onyx for 'Legends of Hip Hop' Concert Series
The Manifesto festival will be hitting up Toronto, ON with a host of hip-hop-related events this September, but event organizers are starting the party a little early with their newly announced "Legends of Hip Hop" concert series. The series, whose first instalment takes place next Thursday (April 14), will act in part as a fundraiser for the fall festival, but it will also serve as a history lesson on some of the rap world's greats.

Next week's show at Toronto's Sound Academy will be headlined by legendary Def Jam alums Onyx, who told us to Bacdafucup back in the early '90s. Spitting out shouted verses on hits like "Slam" and "Judgement Night," the NYC troupe introduced an extreme and aggressive element to MCing. The show also features Toronto luminaries Citizen Kane and Mayhem Morearty.

"We are excited to launch the Legends of Hip Hop Series, with the aim of celebrating local and guest pioneers in hip-hop," Manifesto programming director Jesse Ohtake said in a statement. "Both for the heads who came up listening to these highly influential artists, and to expose a younger generation to some of the original artists who've made key contributions to the foundations of the culture."

While future instalments of the "Legends of Hip Hop Series" have yet to be announced, they are expected to run through until September 20, when the Manifesto festival begins.