R.I.P. the Ramones' Tommy Ramone

R.I.P. the Ramones' Tommy Ramone
Reports are swirling around the web that Tommy Ramone, the final living member of the Ramones' original four-piece lineup, has passed away. Born Thomas Erdelyi, he reportedly passed away tonight (July 11). He was 65.

While official confirmation is still forthcoming, Dangerous Minds reports [and Billboard confirms] that the news arrived via Andy Schwartz, former editor of NY Rocker.

Rumour has it that Claudia Tienan, Tommy's long-running partner, asked Schwartz to confirm the news via Facebook. Tommy Ramone had been receiving hospice care due to cancer of the bile duct. He is said to have passed away in his Ridgewood, Queens home.

UPDATE: The band has now confirmed his passing.

Tommy served as the Ramones' drummer from 1974 to 1978. From there, he found work as a producer, lending a hand to the Replacements' Tim and Redd Kross' Neurotica, among others. More recently, he and partner Claudia made bluegrass music under the name Uncle Monk.