The Raveonettes "Run Mascara Run" (lyric video)

The Raveonettes 'Run Mascara Run' (lyric video)
As previously reported, long-running Danish noise-pop duo the Raveonettes are spending their 2016 delivering a series of monthly singles. After kicking off their "anti-album" campaign in January with their "This World Is Empty (Without You)," the band have now offered up the second entry, a fuzzy slow jam by the name of "Run Mascara Run."

The track has been presented via a lyric video, which warns that it "contains flashing images which may not be suitable for those with photosensitive epilepsy." If you're okay to watch, it goes on to present an explosive, lavender-cloud fireworks display.

Lyrically, Sharin Foo coos "of love and falling bombs," and what to do "when the smell of napalm is gone." Sune Rose Wagner also whispers a set of lyrics in the mid-section.

Sonically, the song is an update of late '50s-period sock hop ballads, with reverb-caked six-string melodies echoing alongside a cavernous drum machine beat and various blipped electronics.

You'll find the latest "Rave-of-the-Month" below, while a crowdfunding campaign offering  CD and vinyl compendiums of the singles, once the series closes out in December, can be found over here.