The Raveonettes "Excuses"

The Raveonettes 'Excuses'
Since we're nearing the end of the month, it's time for Danish outfit the Raveonettes to deliver the next instalment of their 2016 single series. The third track from the pair is called "Excuses."

The new track begins with a blur of gloomy guitars and noise-soaked rhythms, but quickly falls into a decidedly more danceable groove built around ticking, palm-muted six-strings and a slightly retro, almost New Jack Swing-style digi-beat.

The narrative strings together allusions to the kind of girl your mother wouldn't approve of, and destructive behaviour ("hit me with nukes"). Accordingly, the lyric video presents a vintage arcade game assemblage of exploding planes.

You can check out the Raveonettes' latest "Rave-of-the-Month," "Excuses," down below.