Sharon & Bram "Peanut Butter (and Jelly)" (ft. Kevin Drew and Max Kerman) (video)

Sharon & Bram 'Peanut Butter (and Jelly)' (ft. Kevin Drew and Max Kerman) (video)
Field Trip is returning to Toronto this summer with some of Arts & Crafts' finest artists slated to take the stage. Among this year's performers are Sharon & Bram — yes, as in Sharon, Lois & Bram (though Lois retired from performing in 2000.)
Sharon & Bram continue to bring joy to kids and kids-at-heart everywhere, though, and in anticipation of their appearance at Field Trip, they've released a new video for "Peanut Butter (and Jelly)." In the new clip, the classic kids tune gets some musical support from Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew and Arkells' frontman Max Kerman. They seem to be having the time of their lives singing along, and who can blame them?
The full list of Field Trip performers and programming is now available over at the official website. Right now, though, grab a couple slices of bread and get your PB&J on as you watch the updated rendition of "Peanut Butter (and Jelly)" in the player below [via Indie88].