Saving Grace The King is Coming

Fans of Facedown Records tend to be very loyal and supportive of almost all of the label's acts. And it's a good thing they are because it allows Facedown to continually pump out CDs like The King is Coming by Saving Grace. While the record is competently crushing, it isn't creatively crafted or particularly compelling. The band effectively emulate fellow Christian metalcore preachers As I Lay Dying and the aptly named, although not at all Christian, Lamb of God throughout the album. But this metalcore maelstrom is also tempered by some deathcore and thrash metal influences. "The Eye of the Storm Part III" is exactly that: a calm lull before the hardcore-influenced "Habukkuk" picks the album back up, with help from First Blood's Carl Schwartz on guest vocals. Following track "Kefirah" sounds like it could have been from the new Bury Your Dead album. Unfortunately, a few interesting tracks aren't enough to save this release, which fits into the current metalcore canon, but likely won't be remembered. (Facedown)