Robert Plant's Career Explored in New Documentary

Robert Plant's Career Explored in New Documentary
As the former singer of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant has had a celebrated career that has lasted for 45 years. His story has already been explored in a BBC documentary, not to mention an Exclaim! Timeline. This summer, he will be the subject of a new biographic feature: the documentary Robert Plant's Blue Note.

According to a press release, "This film follows Robert's incredible and on-going tour of musical styles and acts as travelogue in its unique approach to documenting and reviewing a career that has been built on endless fascination, consistent experimentation and a unique talent."

Plant, of course, began in the '60s as a hard rock god, and has since become a classy country band-leader, so there's a lot of material to cover.

To be released by MVD Entertainment Group -- the company behind documentaries about Brian Eno and D.O.A., as well as David Bowie, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop -- this film utilizes "rare footage, performance archive, recorded interviews, contributions from his closest collaborators, expert critique from the finest music writers, plus location film, news reports, seldom seen photographs, and a host of other features."

Robert Plant's Blue Note is due out on August 23.