The Raveonettes "Killer in the Streets" (video)

The Raveonettes 'Killer in the Streets' (video)
Danish garage rock duo the Raveonettes have unveiled the new video for "Killer in the Streets" and it certainly interprets the song's title literally.

The clip features a sordid web of assassins and their victims, featuring appearances from band members Sharin Foo and Sune Rose Wagner. The dark, gruesome scenes were devised and directed by Rie Rasmussen, who explained her choice for visualizing this song to Billboard by saying, "The song moves you along like something you want blasting on the radio as you drive through the streets of L.A. on your way to meet with destiny."

The track comes from the band's surprise album Pe'ahi from earlier this year. Check out the thrilling video for "Killer in the Streets" below.