Rapport Get Saved by Aliens in "Thirty Days Down and Out" Video

Rapport Get Saved by Aliens in 'Thirty Days Down and Out' Video
Last year, Toronto-based synth-popsters Rapport released In the Dark, their debut EP, which we named one of the Best EPs of 2019. To keep their retro party going, they've dropped a hilarious new video for EP track "30 Days Down and Out."

The video follows lead singer Maddy Wilde as she's fired from her job, bothered by a photographer and exiled from Toronto by the mayor. Things turn around when she's visited by a terrifying alien and transported to a charmingly rendered alien world, one where she's treated kindly by mayors, photographers, bosses and customers alike.

Says Wilde about the song, "I think most of us equate beautiful summer weather to good feelings, relief and relaxation. But what if you're just not into it? I wrote this song about my unusual relationship to warm weather; in particular my 23rd summer where I experienced extreme lows and highs in my mood and was really not in a good way. Since then I've associated summer with anxious, weird times and winter with good, productive times. '30 Days' is kind of a head-spinning, nauseating ballad of someone who's around all the good stuff of summer physically but is totally removed emotionally."

About the video, director Daniel Busheikin says, "We all feel like we don't belong, and have those days when the world turns its back on us. Luckily, there's a 3D alien universe out there, and I promise it holds a better life." The 3D alien world was animated by Jason Harvey.

Watch the video below.