Rapport "Unconscious"

Rapport 'Unconscious'
Rapport were recently announced as part of this year's Camp Wavelength, and now the newly formed Toronto group are giving us a better idea of what to expect from their set with a new song. The track is called "Unconscious," and you can hear the premiere of it now.

For the unfamiliar, Rapport are made up of ex-Moon King/Spiral Beach vocalist Maddy Wilde, Kurt Marble and Mike Pereira (Most People). According to the band, "The trio infuses harmonic stylings of the '50s with dreamy keyboard soundscapes of the '80s and ties it all together with a fun/sad baroque pop twist."

As you can hear from "Unconscious" down below, it's a pretty spot-on description.

Speaking of the song, Wilde tells Exclaim! the following:

It's a little known fact that I've always been obsessed with sleeping. There are times when all I've wanted to do is zone out, daydream and drift away. "Unconscious" is about the moment when you are faced with a difficult conversation, confrontation, or an overload of stress and your mind briefly turns off. The song is about being emotionally asleep and needing to wake up.

As previously reported, Camp Wavelength takes place in Toronto on August 18 and 19. You can learn more about the upcoming fest over here.