Rapport Pop Montreal, Montreal QC, Sept. 26

Rapport Pop Montreal, Montreal QC, Sept. 26
Photo: Steve Louie
Toronto's Rapport got their first taste of Montreal (playing with this band, at least) with a prime opening spot, between local high-fructose pop favourites Look Vibrant and Philadelphia's head-spinning Palm. This set felt like more of a palate cleanser though, with nothing in particular to latch on to as they worked through their synth-pop set. The band, with a decidedly "I thrifted this" look, was a full-on '80s redux, complete with big hair and a Garfield T-shirt.
Their latest single, "Unconscious" got the crowd swaying but — and this may just be my Canadian pop-punk guilty pleasure showing — I couldn't get Gob's "Ming Tran" out of my head as singer Maddy Wilde repeated her vocal hook.
It was fun to watch as they joked with the audience — the crowd was buzzing, but started paying more attention about halfway through. Nothing bad here, but nothing particularly memorable, either.