Public Image Ltd. Offer 'What the World Needs Now' on New LP

Public Image Ltd. Offer 'What the World Needs Now' on New LP
In 2012, John Lydon resurrected his Public Image Ltd. to release This is PiL. Proving the reunion was more than a one-off thing, the group have announced plans for a new LP.

The release is called What the World Needs Now... and marks the band's 10th album overall. In a press release, Lydon said, "Buy now while stocks last."

Though not much is known about the LP in terms of sound, we do know that it'll feature 11 new songs. Prior to its arrival, album tracks "Double Trouble" and "Bettie Page" will be released on a 10-inch vinyl single. That release will include the bonus track "Turkey Tits."

What the World Needs Now... is due for arrival on September 4, while the "Double Trouble" / "Bettie Page" single will drop on August 21.

Public Image Ltd. also have a series of European tour dates in the works. The full itinerary is available here, along with the promise that North American shows are on the way.

What the World Needs Now...:

1. Double Trouble
2. Know Now
3. Bettie Page
4. C'est La Vie
5. Spice of Choice
6. The One
7. Big Blue Sky
8. Whole Life Time
9. I'm Not Satisfied
10. Corporate
11. Shoom