Poppy Says Grimes "Bullied" Her over Their Collaboration "Play Destroy"

Poppy Says Grimes 'Bullied' Her over Their Collaboration 'Play Destroy'
Earlier this year, pop outsider Poppy shared "Play Destroy," her long-awaited collaboration with Grimes. The song was an excellent blend of both artists' respective styles, though Poppy has now said their collaboration was anything but smooth.

Speaking with Billboard, Poppy accused Grimes of bullying songwriters into signing non-disclosure agreements so that they couldn't receive credit for songs they were involved with.

"I was kind of bullied into submission by [Grimes] and her team of self-proclaimed feminists," she said. "We planned the song coming out months ago, and she was preventing it. I got to watch her bully songwriters into signing NDA and not taking credit for songs that they were a part of. She doesn't practice what she preaches. It's really upsetting to work with a female that is very outward about a topic, but behind closed doors, it's the complete opposite. It's actually very disheartening to people that are actually feminists and supporters of other females."

Read the full interview here, and revisit "Play Destroy" below.