Napalm Death "Earthwire"

Napalm Death 'Earthwire'
Earlier this year, Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake, and as the country rebuilds, British grindcore gods Napalm Death are doing their part to help out by releasing a charity song for the occasion.

The song is called "Earthwire," and it was written by guitarist Mitch Harris. In a statement, Napalm Death frontman Mark "Barney" Greenway explained that the band played a show in Kathmandu three years ago. "Nepal," he wrote, "seemed not only a place of striking beauty, but also a tougher place for things that you would normally take for granted, e.g. a stage to play on and a place for a concert festival. A wider viewing revealed such grim inequalities — in comparison to the wider world — as people living in holes at the side of the road, which then actually became one of the reference points for our current album, Apex Predator - Easy Meat."

Money raised from the track goes towards the dZi FOundation, a non-profit that helps Himalayan communities to delelop. The track costs £3 ($5.88 CAD) and can be purchased here.