Mourn Mourn

Mourn Mourn
Mourn have elicited a considerable amount of attention, partly because three of their Catalonian members are 18, and their drummer is 15, but also because the comparisons being drawn between the band and their influences — respected female rock icons like PJ Harvey, Sleater-Kinney, Patti Smith and Kim Gordon — are accurate. There's youthful, unabashed energy on this straight-to-tape, two-day recording; the band's refusal to overthink has resulted in a pure and sincere sound.

It's the haunting, mercilessly catchy nature of the slurring vocals on every track, from the opener "Brain of Candy" to the retro punk of "Jack," that elevate these loose, teetering songs and wedge them into your subconscious. They suggest maturity beyond the young age of the vocalists, and they sport endearingly perplexing lyrics like "Why should I go living if I can't go swimming?" on "Otitis."

"Silver Gold" is addictively dissonant and brings fellow Captured Tracks artist Naomi Punk to mind before breaking into wild banshee screeches. "Squirrel" is more upbeat and urgent, as are "Marshall" (which has an early Modest Mouse feel) and "Misery Factory."

There's no denying the highly enjoyable nature of their raw, emotive debut; that they're so young only means there's potential for even better things to come. (Captured Tracks)