Morrissey Is Getting Banned from Train Stations Now

Morrissey Is Getting Banned from Train Stations Now
In a week where the world's oldest record store put a ban on Morrissey's music following further flirtations with far-right politics, subway stations have now stepped up to give him the boot from the underground.

As the BBC points out, advertisements for Morrissey's new covers album California Son have been pulled from the Merseyrail network. The transit company said the posters did not reflect its "values."

The broadcaster reports the posters were pulled after a traveller contacted Merseyrail to ask if the company agreed with Morrissey's opinions. Earlier this month, the vocalist was sporting the pin of far-right political party For Britain during a performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"Any content used within advertising on the Merseyrail network does not reflect the organization's values and we apologize for any offence the publication of these posters may have caused," the company wrote in a statement.

In the wake of his Fallon performance, For Britain leader Anne Marie Waters thanked Morrissey for "giving us so much publicity."

California Son is out today via Morrissey's BMG imprint Etienne. You can read Exclaim!'s 1 out of 10 review over here.