Marky Ramone and Tommy Hilfiger Launch "Rock Scene"

Marky Ramone and Tommy Hilfiger Launch 'Rock Scene'
Well, here's a fashion-music crossover we didn't see coming. Apparently, punk rock icon Marky Ramone has teamed up with designer Tommy Hilfiger to release a new line of Ramones-inspired gear, which will feature "stencil lettering, slim silhouettes and other hallmarks of rock'n'roll chic."

The collection has been dubbed "Rock Scene" after the '70s rock mag of the same name, and it will feature pants, leather jackets and T-shirts, several of which will be embossed with images from the old CBGB era. And while on the surface this comes as quite the strange collaboration, according to the Ramone, it's not as odd as it first might seem.

Apparently, Hilfiger and Ramone have known each other for some 23 years and Hilfiger's brother Andy even used to play in a band with Ramone. "I knew Tommy when he just started out, he was always a supporter of rock, always a supporter of rhythm and blues and the Stones and things like that - and that's good enough for me," Ramone recently told CMJ. "Then he was always into the Ramones, so it's kind of ironic that the Hilfiger people would have one of the Ramones on Hilfiger denim."

Ramone went on to give his take on what the clothing line is all about, saying he didn't want the clothes to over do it, or for this little entrepreneurial venture to tarnish the Ramones name. "Anyone can wear it and feel that it's not overstated. And that's what I really never wanted to do: to wear or have clothing that was too overstated," he said. "I didn't want to use any old Ramones logos because I wanted to keep more of a separate entity obviously because the other Ramones aren't around. There're enough [Ramones] logos out there, whether it's the presidential seal, blah, blah, blah."

Retail prices for Rock Scene merch range from $40 to $595, which aren't exactly squeegee punk prices, but they aren't out of most buyers' reach, either. "I wanted the jeans never to be in the $200 range. I wanted the coats not to be in the $1,000 range. The T-shirts, I didn't want them to be in the $80 range," Ramone said. "So the stuff is affordable, and that's what was important to me. I don't think anything is worth that much."

To get more information on Rock Scene and where you can pick up the Ramones-styled wares, you can check the MySpace page over here.

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