Madchild Returns with New Album 'Demons'

Listen to the title track now
Madchild Returns with New Album 'Demons'
Prolific British Columbia rapper Madchild continues to enjoy a wildly busy solo career alongside his time as a Swollen Member. Continuing the streak, he has yet another solo album on the way.

The release is called Demons and features 16 new tracks of sweet, sweet Madchild within.

As a press release explains, "Lyrically, Demons offers a hard and honest look at the addictive personality that continues to haunt Madchild, as a war rages inside his head. Crafting his lyrics as a weapon, Madchild prepares for battle, as he dances with the devil to push himself creatively."

Listen to the album's title track below, and look for Demons to drop on April 12 via Battle Axe Records.


1. Intro
2. Brainstorm 
3. Rolli on My Wrist 
4. Demons 
5. Watergate 
6. Times Change 
7. Death Race
8. My Turn (Interlude)
9. Dreaded Force 
10. No Separation 
11. Follow 
12. Cold Blooded 
13. Soiled in Regret
14. Forget About You 
15. Rocket Fuel 
16. Terror