Here's What Steve Albini Has to Say About His Big Poker Win

Here's What Steve Albini Has to Say About His Big Poker Win
Steve Albini made quite the headline the other week, with news emerging the Shellac/Big Black hero had won a massive stack of cash at the World Series of Poker. If you were looking for some insight into what the hell was going there, Albini has opened up about his big win and his long history with poker.

"I just felt like I was playing hand after hand after hand and then all of a sudden we stopped playing because I'd won," Albini told The Ringer [via Pitchfork] of recently winning the $105,629 USD prize. "It genuinely didn't feel like I was incrementally getting closer to winning."

As for how he worked up to being a legitimate poker champ, the musician had this to say:

When my band is on tour and I find myself with nothing to do after a show in a strange town, I can google the words 'poker' and 'casino' and find out if there's a poker game nearby.... I've played poker just about everywhere I've sat down as a musician or an engineer.

However, it doesn't seem like Albini's wife is too keen on his hobby.

"My wife does not give a fuck about poker," he said. "What she has seen of it has been revolting. And I can't blame her for being repulsed by it. The popular image of the macho bro-man poker contingent is pretty depressing. It does seem quite retrograde."

You can read the complete interview over here.