Hear Mourn's Sludgy Metallic Hardcore on "Meet My Fate"

Hear Mourn's Sludgy Metallic Hardcore on 'Meet My Fate'
Mourn started in 2015 when Uplift guitarist Sam Checchia got together with some friends, including Exalt drummer Tim Waugh, and used the fading flame of the Toronto hardcore institution (and some gasoline) to set a fire so bright none could ignore it. It was as much lighting the torch as passing it, and we've got the first taste of the Kitchener/Guelph crew's debut LP, Beneath the Beloved Axe: third track "Meet My Fate."

It's almost surprising they decided to reference an axe in the album's title, as their weapon of choice is clearly a Crowbar. Vocalist Randy McAllister approximates a more hardcore version of Kirk Windstein's emotive intonations, while the sludge-soaked riffs are pushed through a hardcore filter — especially during this track's closing breakdown.

The band are metallic hardcore hardcore by definition — combining metal and hardcore — but do it in a way that they avoid being derivative of the increasingly derivative metalcore revival bands. Beneath the Beloved Axe arrives March 26 via Walk A Mile Records, but for now you can listen to "Meet My Fate" in the player below.