Grimes Launches Eerie Organization, Announces First Release by Nicole Dollanganger

Grimes Launches Eerie Organization, Announces First Release by Nicole Dollanganger
Grimes (a.k.a. Claire Boucher) is currently toiling away at a new record of her own that will supposedly drop this fall, but she's taking some time to show off the talents of another musician — Stoufville, ON's Nicole Dollanganger.
Boucher has unveiled a new artist collective called the Eerie Organization, and its first matter of business will be to release Dollanganger's latest LP. Titled Natural Born Losers, the record is slated to arrive on October 9.
The record marks the first studio recording from Dollanganger, though she's released six previous home recordings through her Bandcamp page.
"I literally started Eerie to fucking put it out," Boucher said in a press release. "It's a crime against humanity for this music not to be heard."
The press release explains that new co-operative aims to help musicians achieve their artistic goals without sacrificing their independence. Although Eerie will release music, it is not a staffed record label and will not be taking submissions. It's also revealed that Eerie will release Grimes' forthcoming album in Canada. 
In the inaugural post on its new website, the Eerie Organization has shared the lead single from Dollanganger's forthcoming full-length. It's titled "You're So Cool," and Boucher offered up the following statement about it:
Her music is scary/ beautiful and there aren't any bad songs, which is the mark of a true artist.  I cannot adequately describe it succinctly, but something like Hurt NIN sound design/ pain w Dolly Parton-esque witty profundity that sometimes gets super dark and contrasty to fluttery expressive cherub vocals. theres a smattering of Daniel Johnston vibes if that makes sense. but it also does lots of other things I'm not good at describing music. i hate comparing music to other music, you should just really listen to it.
You can scroll past the tracklisting for Natural Born Losers to do just that in the player below.
Natural Born Losers:
1. Poacher's Pride
2. Mean
3. White Trashing
4. Swan
5. In The Land
6. Alligator Blood
7. Executioner
8. American Tradition
9. Angels of Porn (ii)
10. A Marvelous Persona
11. You're So Cool