Fiona Apple to Lil Nas X: "Where's My Money?"

She recorded an open letter to the "Old Town Road" rapper for sampling her "Every Single Night"
Fiona Apple to Lil Nas X: 'Where's My Money?'
Fiona Apple has called out Lil Nas X for sampling her 2012 track "Every Single Night," half-jokingly asking him, "Where's my money, you cute little guy? Where's my money?"

UPDATE (10/1, 1:51 p.m. EST): Lil Nas X has now said that he wants to work with Fiona Apple on his upcoming album.

The clip was posted to a Fiona Apple Instagram fan account late yesterday (September 26). See the post below.

The sample she's referring to is in a Lil Nas X song called "Kim Jong" from his pre-"Old Town Road" mixtape Nasarati. The mixtape and its contents were effectively scrubbed from Lil Nas X's online presence once he signed to Columbia Records earlier this year for his debut record 7.

While all of this seems in jest, it's clear upon listening to "Kim Jong" that Apple is justified in claiming her sample (as well as X's cuteness). However, it's unclear whether the song actually ever made any money.

So far Lil Nas X has yet to respond. You can hear his "Kim Jong" below.