Descendents, NOFX, Gwar Get Their Own Garbage Pail Kids Cards for Riot Fest

Descendents, NOFX, Gwar Get Their Own Garbage Pail Kids Cards for Riot Fest
The creators of Garbage Pail Kids have announced yet another gag reflex-triggering round of cards geared towards the music community. This time, they're goofing on NOFX, the Descendents, Gwar and more for an exclusive series in conjunction with the Chicago instalment of Riot Fest.

The fest announced through its blog today (September 8) that a limited edition, eight-card set will be sold in limited quantities next weekend. Just like how Garbage Pail Kids' recent American As Apple Pie series served up putrid, cherub-faced likenesses of Morrissey and Arcade Fire, the Riot Fest 2016 series delivers puke-worthy gags saluting a series of punky bands set to appear onstage in Chicago.

Andrew W.K. has had his blood-gushing I Get Wet album cover saluted for the "Awesome Andrew" card, which has the long-haired caricature spewing a concerning amount of crimson goo out of his nostrils. Equally wretched is a send-up of NOFX frontman Fat Mike, who has apparently put on several hundred pounds for his collectible entry.

Descendents mascot Milo has received a fairly cute Garbage Pail Kids revamp, while Gwar arguably get the grossest card of the bunch, which finds band members stuffing bottles of red wine straight through the craniums of a couple of (un)lucky fans.

Other acts toasted by the Topps trading card empire include Taking Back Sunday, Naked Raygun, and the Lawrence Arms. Unfortunately, they didn't send up larger-than-life, ghoulish horror punk headliners the Misfits. This older card does kind of look like devillocked guitarist Jerry Only, though.

You can get more info on the cards over here, and you can see some of the artwork down below.

As previously reported, Riot Fest Chicago runs September 16 to 18.