Deliluh Chronicle Their Departure from Canada with Two Versions of "Amulet"

One was recorded by their previous four-piece iteration, the other by their current duo setup
Deliluh Chronicle Their Departure from Canada with Two Versions of 'Amulet'
Photo: Romain Silvi
Post-punks Deliluh left Toronto in 2019 as a four-piece and have now resurfaced somewhere unspecified in Europe as a duo. They've chronicled this period of transition by releasing two recordings of new single "Amulet," one with the previous lineup and one with the current lineup. Both versions of the track are available on streaming services now, and they will be available on 10-inch vinyl via Tin Angel Records on August 20.

"Amulet A," the quartet version, initially belies its full-band composition with its simmering, minimalist intro, featuring little more than Kyle Knapp's creaking, ominous vocals and snaking synths, before succumbing to a Nick Cave-like squall of violins underscored by thunderclap percussion.

"Amulet B," recorded by Deliluh's current membership of Knapp and Julius Pedersen, takes a steadier approach, journeying through its synth-led motorik beat with the help of whirling keys and saxophones.

While they were in Toronto, Deliluh were innovators in utilizing the city's existing spaces for concerts, including turning caf├ęs, legion halls and library branches into temporary venues and helping to organize a 2018 CMW showcase in a decommissioned subway platform headlined by Fucked Up.

Listen to both versions of "Amulet" below.