Crosss Main Stage, Sackville NB, August 2

Crosss Main Stage, Sackville NB, August 2
Photo: Stephen McGill
Have you ever been scared and haunted at 4 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon? Described by MC Scott Grundy (Heaven For Real/Quaker Parents) as his favourite band, Crosss brought the weekend's mass for a SappyFest Sabbath.
With a drummer sporting a Swans t-shirt, Crosss blew out the main tent. While many bands struggled this weekend to be heard over the sometimes-chatty crowd, in this instance, the band drowned them out entirely. Aside from swatting away the odd horsefly and wiping away dripping sweat, Andy March and his cohorts zoned in, with eyes occasionally closed. The set, which featured most tracks from new album Lo, except for the 18-plus minute "Enthroning the 4 Acts," was somehow over before you knew it.
Sometimes Crosss' brand of doom-tinged psych rock and the volume that comes with it gets described as punishing. Call the crowd masochists, then: they ate it up and were desperate for seconds.