Chandra Announces 'Chandra Mixtape Vol. 1'

It's the first release on Chandra's new label, We Are Time
Chandra Announces 'Chandra Mixtape Vol. 1'
Decades after Chandra Oppenheim took the post-punk world by storm as a preteen, she's back in action with a new band composed of prolific Toronto scene staples. Now, Oppenheim and her crew have brought their many other projects together on the forthcoming Chandra Mixtape, Vol. 1, which will be released this Friday, April 2, digitally and on cassette, as the first release on her new label, We Are Time.

We Are Time is a new label run by Oppenheim and bandmate (and occasional Exclaim! contributor) Jesse Locke. The pair are aiming to focus on "contemporary music with a focus on intergenerational collaboration." Chandra Mixtape Vol. 1 is the first of several releases promised for 2021.

The mixtape features an eclectic collection of artists and tracks, including trip-hop producer MISCZYK, dub duo GNDN (Oppenheim and MISCZYK), dance experimentalists New Chance and glam-rockers Blonde Elvis.

You can hear clips of all of those songs with a new trailer courtesy of filmmaker and animator Jordan Minkoff, which recalls K-Tel's signature style. Watch the trailer below, and keep scrolling for more information on Chandra Mixtape, Vol. 1.

Chandra Mixtape, Vol. 1:

1. GNDN – You're Over There
2. Body Breaks – Between the Heart and the Mind
3. New Change – Annie Likes Drumrolls
4. Blonde Elvis – Brass Tendon
5. Motorists – Go Back
6. MISCZYK – Nautilus feat. Brodie Murdoch
7. GNDN – You're Over There (All Energy Must Continue Upward Mix)
8. Down 2 Earth – Oppenheim Line (Metro Mix)

Pre-order Chandra Mixtape, Vol. 1 here.