Ben Stiller's Weird Punk Band to Get Reissued by Captured Tracks

Ben Stiller's Weird Punk Band to Get Reissued by Captured Tracks
Though he's best known as Derek Zoolander or maybe Greg Focker, Ben Stiller has enjoyed a long and varied career. In fact, before he was an actor or comedian, he was the drummer in an obscure, weirdo punk band called Capital Punishment. In 1982, the group recorded an album called Road Kill, which never received a proper release.

In a new interview with Howard Stern, Stiller revealed that Brooklyn imprint Captured Tracks is planning to reissue the album. "What happened was some outsider music label — which I didn't know those existed, people who are into weird music — I guess it's been found, and they asked us if they could, not re-release, but release it," he explained. "It's not about me, it's about Capital Punishment. This company, they're called Captured Tracks, and they're putting it out."

Stiller went on to describe the music, calling the band "ridiculously weird." "We were listening to a lot of Bowie and Eno," he added. "It's not great.... We never even played at parties."

It's unclear when Captured Tracks plans to issue Road Kill, but they confirmed the news on Twitter (see below). Hear Ben Stiller's Howard Stern interview and listen to two tracks from the album below.

Thanks to Stereogum for the tip.