Bison Announce Departure of Founding Bassist Masa Anzai

Bison Announce Departure of Founding Bassist Masa Anzai
After nearly 10 years of serving up low-end destruction as part of Vancouver metal pack Bison, Masa Anzai has left the band and, apparently, the music industry altogether.

News of the group's internal shift was delivered yesterday (March 11) by guitarist/vocalist James Farwell, who reported via Facebook that Anzai "is retiring from the music business." 

"It is with our best wishes and support he goes off to pursue other shit he has always wanted to pursue," Farwell said, adding, "Masa Anzai is one of the best people I have ever met in my life, ever."

Anzai is a founding member of the band and had played bass on all of the group's releases, from 2007 debut Earthbound, to their trio of albums for Metal Blade Records, to last year's "1,000 Needles"/"Calm, Friendly and Euthymic" 12-inch single. As Farwell described it, Anzai was a force in the band, whether as their three-stringed bass player or regarding more behind-the-scenes duties.

"He possesses a creative fire in his bass playing and genuine genius for subtly in song arrangement. He was the finance guy and could drive for 18 hours straight. He was a friendly and approachable face behind our merch table and kept it running like a well-oiled machine. He very often took on the less glamorous parts of being in a touring band and he carried out these duties with a sense of purpose and a humbling work ethic. Far more often than not he drove his drunk band mates around looking for a cheap motel after the show."

Though Anzai's next step wasn't detailed, the band have announced that they'll be moving forward with new bassist Shane Clark, who also plays guitar in 3 Inches of Blood.