Birds of Avalon Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley shows Birds of Avalon covering varied ground, from psych-influenced pop to boisterous stoner rock. While the Raleigh, NC group's range is admirable, on Uncanny Valley the variety occasionally results in an unevenness that's more jarring for its inconsistencies than engaging for its musical intricacies. Uncanny Valley possesses good material, including the psychedelic pop tones of "I Never Knew" and the Band of Susans-like punch of "Your Downtime is Up." In contrast to its better moments are a handful of weaker tunes, including lumbering, meandering tracks "Micro-Infinity" and "Side Two," which take away from the album's impact. While Uncanny Valley shows the group hitting a few missteps, it doesn't fall entirely flat, presenting a selection of songs that convey the band's finely-honed chops. (Volcom)