Atmosphere "The Lonely Rose" (ft. Blueprint, Aesop Rock)

Atmosphere 'The Lonely Rose' (ft. Blueprint, Aesop Rock)
Midwest hip-hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and ahead of a celebratory concert next month, some of the company's most prominent acts have linked up for a new single.

Label co-founders Atmosphere are listed as the primary act on "The Lonely Rose," while Blueprint and Aesop Rock make guest appearances. The track sports an old-school drum machine beat, which is overlaid with funky wah-wah guitar licks. There's a soulful hook reminding us that every rose has thorns, while the the rappers trade off on the mic during the verses.

Hear the song below. These artists will all perform at a Rhymesayers anniversary concert on December 4 at Minneapolis, MN's Target Center.