Drake's Bridle Path Mansion Gets Its Very Own VR Experience

You can spit a hot 16 in the studio and shoot hoops on the OVO-themed basketball court
Drake's Bridle Path Mansion Gets Its Very Own VR Experience
Drake made a pricey dedication to his hometown last year by breaking ground on a 21,000-square-foot mansion in Toronto's Bridle Path community. While the rapper's new home has yet to be completed, a Toronto studio is looking to have users live Drake's lavish lifestyle ahead of time in virtual reality.

The project from VR-focused studio OPIATS is called Drizzy Manor and was inspired by the design plans and specifications of the aforementioned mansion being built at 21 Park Lane Circle. The home is set to feature a basketball court, gym, pool and hot tub, museum built for basketball jerseys, room for "important artifacts," piano room and more.

"This project is just an example of use-cases for videogame engines like Unreal Engine 4, and the power of Virtual Reality, placing people in extraordinary situations and places that they wouldn't otherwise get to enjoy," the studio explained on its website

"Moving forward, this project acts as a test-bed for OPIATS. New gameplay elements and mechanics that we develop will be tested inside of Drizzy Manor first, before being deployed to our other projects. Like a real-life property it will be further developed, grow, and morph over time."

Currently available to tour in real-time with a 360-degree film, the studio has plans to develop Drizzy Manor into a VR videogame that players can enjoy through Steam, Oculus Home and Viveport.

Planned features include being able to play basketball on Drake's OVO-themed court, work out in the gym, tour the property on a hoverboard, customize the furnishings in every room of the mansion and hop behind the wheel of the Bugatti parked in the driveway. We're unsure if a VR Gordon Lightfoot will make an appearance on the doorstep every so often.

Take a tour of OPIATS's rendering of the mansion in the players below.