'Bill & Ted' Want You in Their New Movie

'Bill & Ted' Want You in Their New Movie
Producers of the forthcoming Bill & Ted Face the Music film are looking for fans to submit recordings of themselves to be featured in the latest instalment of the franchise.

Yesterday (May 5), showrunners launched a web form for fans (18 years old and over) who want to be featured in the film. The process is pretty simple: fans are instructed to head to the film's new website, listen to the track they've uploaded, and get creative with recording themselves rocking out to it.

Speaking with Collider, co-writer Ed Solomon detailed what they're looking for in fan submissions.

When we announced the movie, we had so many people asking for ways they could be involved, and this notion came up quite early in the process. And the instant it did, we were like, "Oh man this is exactly in the spirit of inclusiveness that embodies Bill & Ted," and we all jumped on it right away. Now that we're almost finished with post-production we're ready to do it.

We want variety, and we want people to feel free to use their imagination and creativity. I guess in a perfect world we'd have a range of looks – people with all sorts of different musical instruments, people without. People from present-day and people all throughout time. And even space, now that I think about it.  By the way, I don't mean dress up like a famous person from history (I imagine we'll get 1800 Abe Lincolns if that were the case), but, rather, if the spirit moves you, we'd love to include people who appear to be from different time periods altogether (don't forget to make the rest of the video look that way, as well).

For more details about what producers are looking for in fan submissions, head over to the Party with Bill & Ted submissions website

Submissions are due May 20 for anyone that wants to participate. The film is scheduled — pandemic pending — to hit theatres on August 21.