Watch Borat Bust a Move to Ariana Grande's "positions"

It's payback for the pop star stealing a cutout of the character from a screening
Watch Borat Bust a Move to Ariana Grande's 'positions'
Ahead of launching new single "positions," Ariana Grande took in the Borat sequel at a drive-in screening with Sacha Baron Cohen and more famous friends in attendance. In the photo from the evening below, notice how close the star gets to a cardboard cutout of Cohen's character.


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Later on, Grande shared on Instagram that she had taken the cutout home, making that very nice view out the window a little nicer. This prompted a response from the man himself, who warns "Areola Grande" that he would be forced to dance to "positions" "in order to secure the release of my cutout, which you stole." Perhaps expectedly, the suit comes off about halfway through for an extra bit of pressure. You can take in his moves below. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm arrives today after an inflatable Borat showed up on Toronto's waterfronta Holocaust survivor's estate sued filmmakers, and Rudy Giuliani's randy film role got revealed.

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