William Ryan Fritch "The Cost, the Value of Health"

William Ryan Fritch 'The Cost, the Value of Health'
Oakland, CA resident William Ryan Fritch is a multi-instrumentalist composer. He has recorded a couple albums under the name Vieo Abiungo and as part of Skyrider in the Sole and the Skyrider Band hip-hop project, as well as eponymous albums for Asthmatic Kitty and Lost Tribe Sound. Performing on all manner of piano, guitar, lute, drums, strings, woodwinds, banjo, hammered dulcimer, vibraphone, erhu, sarangi, and anything else he comes across, Fritch's solo work blurs the lines between experimental folk, neo-classical, ethnomusicology and classic film scores.

With such expansive skills and influences, Fritch was a natural pick to score The Waiting Room, a 2012 documentary by Peter Nicks that framed the trials and tribulations of patients and employees at the safety-net Highland Hospital in Oakland. The film was shortlisted for an Oscar, thanks in no small part to Fritch's breathtaking music.

Lost Tribe Sound released the soundtrack this week and has put up "The Cost, the Value of Health" for stream or download, a track laden with arpeggiated guitar and rising violins capped off by a stomp-and-clap beat. The song brings to mind a shorter, slower, less distorted, vocal-less version of "Venus in Furs" by Velvet Underground.

Check it out below.