Tokyo Police Club "Not My Girl" (video)

Tokyo Police Club 'Not My Girl' (video)
Whether you're a human, a barn owl or a blue-faced alien, breaking up with your mate is hard to do. You'll find a rather hip pair of the latter species going through some serious heartbreak in Tokyo Police Club's new video for "Not My Girl."

The video first finds two brush-mouthed lovers calling it quits, leaving the presumed male of the pair to go on a spirit quest through the streets of Toronto, pounding beers at galleries and defeatedly swiping though a dating app. After making a human match, he promptly takes the lady out to see Tokyo Police Club, but things ultimately don't feel right.

The other azure-coloured alien is also feeling a bit off, opting to scarf pizza, read some Isaac Asimov, and reminisce on good old days of holding hands and having apartment banjo parties.

Will true love prevail? You can find out by giving the decidedly alien, but all-too-relatable music video down below.

As previously reported, Tokyo Police Club are hitting the road with Born Ruffians in the fall. You'll find out the date and venue info for those shows, as well as a few upcoming summer concerts, over here.