Termanology More Politics

Termanology More Politics
Termanology has cranked out close to two-dozen projects, at a frenetic rate, but More Politics is no fleeting studio bender — it's the ripe culmination of a lifetime of trials and a burning desire to unchain himself therefrom.
As per usual, the LP features top-notch production from East coast luminaries including Q-Tip and Buckwild, but as usual, it's over longtime cohort Statik Selektah's jazzy stylings that Termanology really shines. On "Top Shotta," the Bay State native effortlessly rides Statik's collage of piano and horns while contemplating old hardships and newfound responsibilities, and the euphonious "Moving Forward" finds him examining them even more closely: "Built me a labour of love, can't watch it fall down," he rasps.
Termanology's introspective "grown man" bars are fittingly accompanied by some of his most personal, as "Looking Back" finds him bleeding raw as he laments his chaotic childhood, then has a tug-of-war with old, persistent and destructive habits on "The Last Time," as the wordsmith's hoarse voice and unhinged flow deftly enliven his words.
More Politics may draw some flack for its broad sonic range, as Termanology documents his personal growth over some debatably too-familiar sounds, but the rhymes never take a back seat to the relentless honesty here, making it and its prequel, Politics As Usual, flagships of the wordsmith's prolific catalogue. (Showoff/ST)