Strange Wilds Tackle 'Subjective Concepts' on Debut Sub Pop LP

Strange Wilds Tackle 'Subjective Concepts' on Debut Sub Pop LP
Strange Wilds announced that they had signed to Sub Pop late last year, and followed up the deal with the Standing 7-inch. Now, the Olympia, WA three-piece have revealed plans for their first full-length album.
Titled Subjective Concepts, the LP is set to arrive on July 24 via Sub Pop.
According to a press release, the 11 songs on Strange Wilds' debut outing "bleed with the hybrid DNA of Seattle's past and future, disparate scenes fused together with sneering menace and intelligent fury in equal shares."
It only makes sense then that the album was recorded and produced by the band and Jackson Long at Robert Lang Studios in that very city. In addition to the conventional drums, bass and guitar, the press release credits the band's powerful sound to "a freight train, several buzzsaws, a banshee, and some heavy, heavy Pacific doom-and-gloom up in the mix."
You can hear what that sounds like for yourself by scrolling past the album's tracklisting and giving lead single "Pronoia" a listen in the player below.

Subjective Concepts:

1. Pronoia
2. Starved For
3. Autothysis
4. Don't Have To
5. Egophillia
6. Oneirophobe
7. Disdain
8. Pareidolia
9. Terrible
10. Lost and Found
11. Outercourse