Sex Pistols Celebrate 35 Years of 'Never Mind the Bollocks' with Deluxe Reissue

Sex Pistols Celebrate 35 Years of 'Never Mind the Bollocks' with Deluxe Reissue
The Sex Pistols have announced plans for a hefty box set that will mark the 35th anniversary of their seminal punk album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols.

Due for release through Universal Music on September 24 in the UK, the three-CD/one-DVD collection's main attraction is the recently recovered original 1977 master tapes. Previously thought to have been lost, the tapes have been remastered by Tim Young and original producer Chris Thomas.

Another highlight for collectors is the lost 1977 demo recording of "Belsen Was a Gas," though the set also includes demos from the Spunk bootleg, live performances, a "God Save the Queen" / "No Feelings" seven-inch single, interviews and memorabilia like copies of handwritten "God Save the Queen" lyrics, and a promo poster for the album.

Full box set details are listed below.

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Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols Super Deluxe Box Set:

CD1 - Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols:*

1.Holidays In The Sun


3. No Feelings

4. Liar

5. God Save The Queen

6. Problems

7. Seventeen

8. Anarchy In The UK

9. Submission

10. Pretty Vacant

11. New York

12. EMI

CD2 - 1977 Studio Rarities & B-Sides:

The single B-sides remastered:

1. No Feeling

2. Did You No Wrong

3. No Fun

4. Satellite

 Dave Goodman Jan 1977 demos recorded at Gooseberry Studios **

5. New York

6. EMI

7. Liar

8. Pretty Vacant

9. Problems

10. GSTQ Chris Thomas Demo's & Outtakes***

11. Did You Know Wrong (March 3rd 1977)

12. 17 (April 21st 1977)

13. Satellite (April 22nd 1977
14. Submission (April 22nd 1977)

15. Holidays In The Sun (April 22nd 1977)

16. EMI (April 22nd 1977)

17. 17 (May 16th 1977)

18. Holidays In The Sun (June 11th 1977)

19. Bodies (June 11th 1977)

20. Submission (August 12th 1977)

21. Belsen Was A Gas (original demo) (19 September 1977)****  

CD3 - 1977 Live:

 Ssamfundet Club, Trondheim, Norway - 21st July

 1. Anarchy In The U.K.

2. I Wanna Be Me

3. 17

4. New York

5. EMI

6. No Fun

7. No Feelings

8. Problems

9. God Save The Queen

Happy House, Stockholm, Sweden - 28th July***

 10. Anarchy In The UK

11. I Wanna Be Me

12. 17

13. New York

14. EMI

15. Submission

16. No Feelings

17. Problems

18. God Save The Queen

19. Pretty Vacant

20. No Fun

DVD - 1977:

Riverboat Party, The River Thames, London - 7th July

Pretty Vacant

Anarchy In The UK


Happy House, Stockholm, Sweden - 28th July***

Anarchy In The UK

I Wanna Be Me


New York


No Fun

S.P.O.T.S. Tour - Winter Gardens, Penzance, Cornwall - 1st September***


No Fun

Anarchy In The UK  

DVD extras

 God Save The Queen video

Pretty Vacant video

Holidays In The Sun video
The HeyDay Interviews by Judy and Fred Vermorel recorded in August 1977 with:

Steve Jones

Paul Cook

John Lydon

Sid Vicious

Glen Matlock

BBC, Radio 1, Rock On, December 12th 1977 - John Tobler interview with John and Sid (previously unheard full uncensored version)

* = remastered from the recently found original album master tapes by Tim Young under the guidance of original producer Chris Thomas
** = these 6 demo's would make up the legendary 'Spunk' album but are heard here for the very first time in their original, untouched form following the very recent discovery of the original master tapes
*** = All tracks previously unreleased except Submission (track ) which unlike in 2002 when it first appeared is now mastered from the original tapes
**** = This is the legendary original demo featuring John Lydon on vocals and is taken from the recently recovered original master tapes

Other Content:

1977 (The Bollocks Diaries)
Replica A&M GSTQ/No Feeling 7" single
3FT by 4.5FT Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols replica promo poster
Copy of original handwritten lyrics to "God Save The Queen"
Replica Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols promo stickers