Reggie Watts Joins Eagle and Talon

Reggie Watts Joins Eagle and Talon
Comedian Reggie Watts is no stranger to the music scene. On his 2010 CD/DVD Why Shit So Crazy?, the funnyman dropped the goofy, profanity-laced hip-hop number "Fuck Shit Stack." He also has some rocker buddies in high places, which led to the comedian releasing Reggie Watts at Third Man Live on Jack White's Third Man Records imprint. The announcement that Watts will be joining Los Angeles art rock duo Eagle and Talon, however, suggests his career will be even more musically minded from here on.

A press release for the group explains that Watts has linked up with members Kim and Alice Talon on the outfit's new In Manila EP. The comedian supplies some low-end via his bass-playing abilities and a couple of lower-register vocal turns to counter loopy Casiotone keyboards and choppy rhythms. Watts will also be playing some upcoming shows with the band.

First single "For the Bond" catches all three in action as Watts manipulates the bodies of his rag doll band mates to pantomime the tune. You can check it out below.

Though the outfit are self-releasing the collection through their newBI/AKKA imprint, they're still looking for some funding. They're currently trying to raise some cash for the release via Kickstarter to pay for the recording and impending tour costs.
  The press release explains that Eagle and Talon are hoping to get some extra cash to "offset the cost of van rental, insurance" and so they can cozy up in "cockroach-free accommodations, etc." If you're feeling generous, you still have three days to help chip in.

  In Manila drops February 22 on BI/AKKA.