Prince Rama Get 'Xtreme Now' on New LP

Prince Rama Get 'Xtreme Now' on New LP
It's been a few years since we heard from psych dance duo Prince Rama, who shared both Top Ten Hits of the End of the World and Utopia = No Person in 2012. Early next year, however, they'll return with their eighth full-length album.

The release is called Xtreme Now, and a press release calls it "an album themed around extreme sports; its adrenaline-high songs reflect what it's like to dance on the edge of mortality."

To preview the album, the group have shared the new song "Bahia." As their own Taraka Larson says, "'Bahia' kick-starts the album with an ominously saccharine invitation to enter into a lost italo-disco Edenic paradise performed by a pseudo-duet between male and female robot-nymphs (both secretly sung by me)."

Xtreme Now will arrive on March 4 via Carpark Records. The album's tracklisting is available below, while its album art is available above. By the way, have you read Exclaim!'s list of 2015's worst album covers yet?

Xtreme Now:

1. Bahia
2. Your Life In The End
3. Now Is The Time Of Emotion
4. Slip Into Nevermore
5. Fake Til You Feel
6. Believe In Something Fun
7. Xtreme Now Energy
8. Fantasy
9. Sochi
10. Would You Die To Be Adored
11. Shitopia