Nice Going Remember the '90s in New "Denim Coat" Video

Nice Going Remember the '90s in New 'Denim Coat' Video
Photo: Shireen Khan
The '90s were a simpler time, and Toronto garage popsters Nice Going recall the era fondly with their first-ever music video. Ahead of releasing their second EP, Cut Your Losses, this Thursday (August 22), the band have dropped a new video for EP track "Denim Coat."

As can be expected for a band that features past and present members of Camp Girls, Sportsfan and Rapport, the track features lots of fuzzed-out guitars and earnest, relatable lyrics.

Kicking off with an intro that will be familiar to Canadians of a certain age, the video features band members Becca Howes, Kurt Marble and Corey Henderson loitering in a skate park and messing with unsuspecting victims, culminating in a tense standoff atop a grassy hill. There are noogies, wedgies, bunny ears and plenty of shakas.

Says Howes of the video, "In classic Nice Going fashion, the idea initially came to us while brainstorming over beers; we're a band of goofy pals and just thought it'd be really funny to be over-the-top grade school bullies with stupid gags and cheesy 90's/YTV-style filming, especially to myself, who was pretty regularly a victim of bullying while growing up."

They add, "I think (in some weird meme-like way) the general theme of finally standing up for yourself and setting personal boundaries is also reflective of my feelings toward the songs on our upcoming EP."

Nice Going will launch Cut Your Losses this Thursday at Handlebar, with PAX, Sofa Queen and Still Kicking opening. Watch the video below.