Kiesza Hits the Studio with Duran Duran

Kiesza Hits the Studio with Duran Duran
After cleaning up at the Junos for her beloved "Hideaway" single and Sound of a Woman LP, there's no denying the upward trajectory of Calgary singer-songwriter Kiesza. Next, she'll lend her talents to a different generation of dance pop, as the performer has revealed she's just hit the studio with Duran Duran.

Kiesza unveiled the collaboration in a recent interview with Billboard. "I did a song with Duran Duran recently," she said. "They never officially named it yet. I did write a little bit on it and I'm singing on it. That was amazing."

As NME reports, Kiesza's not the only person teaming up with the English pop greats. Lindsay Lohan recently posted a photo of herself in the studio with the band, saying she was "recording with some greats."

#DuranDuran 🎧 @alianalohan 🎧 recording with some greats!!!

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As for Kiesza, the singer told Billboard that we can expect her to appear in more feature spots on other artists' material. "You never know what to expect of me," she said. "I have a lot of wild ideas, but there's definitely a lot to come."