​Johnny Marr Teases Political Solo Album with "The Priest" Video

He's working with Maxine Peake on an album that addresses the current political climate under Brexit and Trump
​Johnny Marr Teases Political Solo Album with 'The Priest' Video
Johnny Marr released his last solo album with 2014's Playland, though he's kept busy with an autobiography, contributions to the Charlatans' record and performing with Broken Social Scene. Now, the former Smiths guitarist has returned with some brand new music of his own.
He's released a new single titled "The Priest," which arrives with an accompanying video that was co-directed by Marr and Molly Windsor.
The track features spoken word by English actor Maxine Peake, and the video addresses the issue of homelessness in the UK — a problem Marr says, "You can't avoid it in Manchester." The lyrics were, in fact, penned by a homeless man sharing his own experiences on the streets of Edinburgh.
Marr and Peake are currently at work together on Marr's next solo album, which as the new video suggests, will tackle a range of social and political issues facing the UK. Or, as the guitarist told The Guardian, "What it feels like to be alive in the UK right now."
Marr offered further insight into the upcoming record, specifying some of the political turmoil it will address.
"There's a track called 'Bug,' which is about the virus of the rightwing and bolstering our immune systems," he revealed. "And there's another song that is about the feeling directly after Trump and Brexit, but it turned into a story of escaping into this kind of alternative society. There are a few songs that imagine an escape from — I've got to say it — dystopia."
The new album is expected to arrive in the spring, though we'll have to wait a bit longer for full details.
For now, preview Marr's latest material by watching the video for "The Priest" below via The Guardian.