Grimes Gets All Lo/Rez for Her "Idoru" Video

It's the latest 'Miss Anthropocene' to get some lavish visuals
Grimes Gets All Lo/Rez for Her 'Idoru' Video
Grimes' new album Miss Anthropocene is here, but she still has more content to guide us towards our post-modern futureselves. This time, that guiding light is the video for  "Idoru."

Considering the song title, it's no surprise the clip features Grimes starring us down under a shower of falling sakura-like leaves as some cyperpunk game imagery weaves in and out.

Watch the "Idoru" clip — which comes as a "Slightly Shorter Version" and "Slightly Longer Version"— below.
Miss Anthropocene is out now via Crystal Math/4AD, and you can read Exclaim!'s review of Miss Anthropocene now.