The Fratellis Call It Quits

The Fratellis Call It Quits
Scottish pop rockers the Fratellis have announced that after five years and two albums together, they are breaking up.

Instead of making a big deal out of it, the band actually announced their break-up quite casually on their website's forum last week. Here is the original message from vocalist/guitarist Jon Fratelli:

Hello all,

I hope everyone is well. We really do appreciate the support and enthusiasm that you guys show to this band, as that's the case we want to keep you up to date with our plans. We have no plans to work together right now. Sometimes things just work out that way. Mince, Baz and I are working on music but not with each other for a while. Your passion is appreciated more than we will ever be able to say, we'll forever give our hearts and souls to music and to you guys who want to hear what we do.

Mon Yous Mon us But not them


Bassist Barry Fratelli added this:

From the very first day we got together, the Fratellis never had a plan, as such. We knew we were good, we knew we had a chance to make it. Turns out we were right, everything fell into place and we've spent the last five or so years touring the world sharing this great music with you all. At this particular point in time, though, we've found ourselves making music still, but just not together. This is just the way it goes I suppose sometimes.

The band members will keep active, just not together: Jon Fratelli is in Codeine Velvet Club, drummer Mince Fratelli is in metal band Throne O' Diablo, and Barry has started his own project and plans on letting people know his plans for it through the Fratelli's site.

The Fratelli's last album was 2008's Here we Stand.

Thanks Gigwise for the heads-up