Forest Swords "Thor's Stone" (video)

Forest Swords 'Thor's Stone' (video)
A fluid and freaky conceptual dance routine has been linked to Forest Swords' Engravings single in a new video clip.

Directed by Dave Ma, the video features a joint-wriggling performance from Spanish dancer Guzman Rosado, whom we see rise from the fetal position to puff out his chest and roll his shoulders around his bony frame. The clip was filmed in the outskirts of Los Angeles in the dead of night.

"I made him dance repeatedly for about eight hours through the night," Ma told Nowness of the shooting conditions. "There was no one for miles around, just Forest Swords echoing out of a boom box."

You'll find the squiggly dance scene, accompanied by Forest Swords minimalist clank, down below.

Forest Swords: Thor's Stone